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Anger Management in Glasgow

It is important to realise several things about anger before you start tackling it. First, anger is a normal process that has allowed humans to evolve and adapt. It isn't a bad thing in itself, but problems occur if it isn't managed in the right way. Out of control anger needs to be addressed immediately as anger can be taken out on another person, such as a partner, child, or an object - punching a wall, for example. Uncontrolled anger can lead you down the road to self-destruction.

However there is a flip side to anger. Because of the surge of energy it creates, it can be pleasurable. This feeling is reinforced if becoming angry allows the release of feelings of frustration, or if a person's response to your anger gives you a sense of power. It is important to acknowledge this side of anger as it can have an almost addictive effect.

Excessively angry people need to learn control. Anger management will help you to do that. How you became an angry person can be addressed in counselling. However you will also need to learn how to break the habit. Sometimes the behaviour is learned from significant others in our past, in some cases you may have been the victim of anger towards you, or you got away with being angry and became really good at it.

Anger Management

Anger, though it has its place, may express itself inappropriately, either towards you or others. We cannot control anger provoking situations, but we can manage our responses to them.

About Anger

• It is natural
• It is rarely a useful emotion
• It can be a reaction to feeling threatened in some way
• It can be treated by learning new responses to the events that bring it up, identifying the triggers that lead to angry outbursts.


• Hostility
• Explosive outbursts
• Tense muscles
• Clenched fists or jaw
• Aggressive behaviour
• Refusal to follow directions or orders
• Social withdrawal
• Verbal abuse
• Bad tempered irritable
• Sleep difficulties

How Nightingale can help

Working with our male counsellor with help you to gain control. Anger management counselling will look straight to the source of the anger to get it into context. We then put strategies in place to manage it and to minimise angry confrontations or self-harm.

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"I was introduced to one of Nightingale’s CBT counsellors. My constant anxious state had lead to many physical problems, including chronic fatigue. I really enjoyed working with her and after every session I would leave feeling energised, inspired and positive.  She provides you with the tools to help you address your concerns. Her compassionate and non-judgemental approach coupled with her great sense of humour makes her a fantastic teacher.  I learnt so much from her in such a short space of time and I can honestly say that after one session, I had begun to think differently about my situation. "If you are flexible in your thinking, no problem is insurmountable".  I will never forget this gem, amongst many others within Nightingale. She is so 'on it' and smart, but in a very unassuming way.  I looked forward to every session and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

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