A Parents Guide to Coming Out

It’s June which can only mean two things: a vague hope that the weather might be good and celebrating all things LGBT! However, Pride comes with a lot more than just slapping some rainbow flags on things and having a knees up. If you are a parent or guardian it can also be a confusing Read More

Want to achieve high self-esteem?

Step One: You are not your iPhone How do we value our worth? You have probably assessed the value of a thousand things today, the value of that politician, those jeans you saw on Instagram or that Tesco sandwich. We spend our lives assessing the value of a million things around us but what about Read More


What kind of therapist do I need?

Trying to decide what type of therapist you need to see to deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, bereavement, trauma anxiety, OCD, psychosexual issues, or couple counselling, can be very difficult. Searching for a therapist When searching for a therapist the first port of call is usually an online search. Unfortunately, if Read More


Parental conflict… the impact on children

When parents get on well together their children do better. However, we know that every relationship has its ups and downs and it’s not always plain sailing. Relationship difficulties have become even more common in the past year due to the pandemic and all the stress and changes in routine that we have all had Read More


Addiction is a disease

The following article was written by someone who has suffered with addiction. The person is 31 years old, and at the time of writing, is celebrating 50 days of sobriety. “The perception of addiction has long existed as being an affliction of the morally deficient, the self-inflicted lifestyle of the depraved, people too weak or Read More


Depression Myth Busters

It’s mental health awareness week so let’s focus on one of the most common illnesses out there, depression. Considering 1 in 4 of us living in the UK will be affected by depression at some point in our lives, we should be clear on what’s fact and what’s fiction, right? However, it seems depression still Read More


Wellness for children

Young people are encountering more and more pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, self-harm, and depression. All of these conditions are on the rise. Something must be done, and I believe I know what it is. I am a psychotherapist and a former childcare professional and I have created a new ‘Wellness for Children’ project. I Read More


Parenting, it’s not an easy job!

Parenting is a lifelong journey, that’s for sure. Sometimes on the journey your children break your heart, fill you with overwhelming love, and just sometimes bring you to the point of despair – all in the same day! As well as bringing us joy, children can pose a challenge that can leave parents feeling exhausted, Read More


Stress – remove the fear

I hope you have enjoyed our contribution to Stress Awareness Month, 2021. The biggest message to take away from this awareness raising month is that if you feel stressed, get help as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go away on its own. It may calm down for a while, due to changes in your Read More

Circle of Influence

Focus on your ‘Circle of Influence’

Stress… even the word can remind me of the times that I have suffered badly from it. It is like a misbehaving TV set that turns down the volume to my reasonable voice. It also turns the contrast down until I find it difficult to see a way to resolve a situation. Stress is the Read More