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Corporate Counselling in Glasgow

We all need someone to talk to who is non judgemental, really listening and honest in their responses. If you are in a senior position in your organisation or own your organisation, there are very few people you can speak to who will only focus on you. When you talk to family members they can only grasp a certain amount and generally want you to detach from work when you are at home. If you talk to a business associate they will often end up talking about themselves.

This can leave you feeling frustrated. When you are in a high ranking position there is seldom a chance to measure your own effectiveness and receive effective feedback. Working with a counsellor from a business background will bring a greater empathic understanding to your professional and personal challenges.

Our Corporate Counselling services include:

Life Coaching
Executive Stress
Employee Assistance Programme

Your challenges may include:

• Personal issues
• Professional issues
• Relationship issues
• Work/ life balance
• Stress control
• Anger management
• Dealing with difficult people
• Conflict resolution
• Addictions
• Low mood
• Anxiety/ Panic attacks
• Confidence

Working with Florence Gray our Managing Director and senior counselling consultant will give you time and space to focus on you, your organisation and the challenges and ideas you have for growth and development and assist you to implement changes and develop your vision for the future both personally and professionally.

Prior to counselling Florence had a long and successful career spanning twenty years working in Glasgow and London in large corporate organisations in a variety of roles, both as an internal and external consultant.

As an independent counselling consultant, Florence has worked with companies in plant hire, construction, engineering, shipping, finance, social care, insurance, interior design, street papers, charities and fast food retail. Nightingale maintains a strict policy of confidentiality with all our clients. We never disclose the companies we work with.

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We aim to ensure that every client feels safe in the knowledge that they have found a professional organisation that understands the challenges and concerns they face when they decide to seek assistance. When you contact Nightingale we will respond immediately to all enquiries and can guarantee an appointment within 48 hours. Contact us on 0141 353 9373, Email us or complete our online Enquiry Form.

"After consulting with Florence on numerous personal and professional issues it has become apparent I needed to do some real soul searching. Her no nonsense, down to earth approach was a breath of fresh air after having my own negative preconceptions. I am now the person that I always knew I was, with the personal and professional life to match.” I found the counselling experience life changing. Life is about change, visualisation and realising your potential and that is what Flo is all about. Sometimes everyone needs that guiding hand to point them in the right direction. Florence puts you on the road to a great journey."

Our Counselling Fees:

Individual Sessions £60

Couple Sessions £70

We accept card payments.

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