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Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis within therapy for the treatment and relief or a variety of medical and psychological symptoms.

Hypnosis, in a clinical setting, is a very pleasant experience of feeling a little more relaxed and yet your mind being focused. In this state you can move around and talk if you wish. You will also hear and remember everything that is said, if it is important for you to remember. Whilst you are in this focused state you are given suggestions, already agreed by you, to help remove unwanted behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Your mind will be more suggestible in this state, but it will only accept suggestions that you are in agreement with.

A hypnotherapist acts only as a guide, helping your to enter a state of hypnosis. You will actually be hypnotising yourself – therefore you are always in control. Three one hour sessions is all the hypnotherapist requires to effect change. The Nightingale hypnotherapist has over ten years’ experience in clinical hypnotherapy and an accredited member of the British Hypnotherapy Society.

Hypnotherapy can help with the following issues:

• General anxiety
• Social anxiety
• Stress management
• Phobias
• Exam nerves, public speaking
• Travel anxiety – driving, flying
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Unwanted habits – e.g. nail biting
• Stopping smoking
• Weight loss
• Food addiction

• Teaching you how to relax, allowing you to reduce your anxiety, as well as mental and physical stress and tension.

• Processing memories that have been blocked by your unconscious mind and are preventing you from dealing with them and moving on.

• Communicating with the unconscious mind that certain situations are not life threatening, as you perceive them to be. This can help you relax and think more clearly when the situation arises in future.

• Changing the way your mind thinks about future events, allowing you to prepare fully for forthcoming events or be calmer and more relaxed about the information.

• Helping the unconscious mind differentiate between matters which you have some control over and those you don’t.

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