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LGBT Counselling in Glasgow

Deciding to seek out help in Couple Counselling when you are in a same sex relationship is no different to couple counselling for heterosexual couples. Engaging in couple counselling is a positive step towards achieving and maintaining a healthy balanced couple relationship.

The Couple Counselling process will allow meaningful communication to develop in a controlled environment; enabling both parties to be heard without interruptions. Couple Counselling will also help you to handle conflict, anger and resentment in a more productive way, break negative patterns of behaviour, examine how past relationships from your family of origin can affect your relationship with your partner, promote a deeper level of self-awareness and seeing your partners fears or worries from their perspective.

The strategies you learn during the Couple Counselling process will assist you and your partner to stay on track and relate in a better way in the future.

There are many reasons why couples come into Couple Counselling and below are a few examples:

• Infidelity
• Internet and Mobile Infidelity
• Arguing and Bickering
• Controlling Behaviours
• Communication Break Down
• Compromise Resolution
• Money
• Falling out of Love
• Sexual Issues
• Sex addiction
• Anxiety / Stress
• Work and Career
• Depression
• Stepchildren
• Work and Career

Nightingale Couple Counsellors in Glasgow will have been trained by Relate or Relationship Scotland over a three year period with at least ten years experience working with couples and individuals with relationship issues. All couple relationships can be challenging at times. For some, a particular crisis takes them to Couple Counselling. For others, there is the realisation that they are unhappy in their relationship. Couple Counselling provides a safe environment and an opportunity for the couple to talk about how they are feeling and behaving towards each other, so they can explore alternatives that can help them move forward.

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"Couple Counselling was absolutely the last resort for our relationship and neither of us knew what to expect. Our problems seemed so convoluted I wondered where on earth we would begin, but Florence’s direct approach and down to earth manner made us get to the point pretty quickly and, more importantly, stay there. It was a huge relief to talk openly without feeling freakish or judged or pitied. She was able to keep up just enough pressure to keep us moving forward, but without us being overwhelmed at the difficult bits. This approach has been very successful for us and has opened up lines of communication which seemed absolutely beyond reach when we started."

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Couple Sessions £70

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