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Counselling Testimonials in Glasgow

Please read some of our testimonials below.

Couple Counselling

"Our marriage had been going through a rough patch after 15 years together, we were keen to work things out but there was too much blame and upset to resolve and we needed help. Due to the intimate nature of counselling we needed to know that whoever we opened up to would work with us and guide us to conclude longstanding issues of conflict, trust and intimacy. Florence came highly recommended by a family member, and over several sessions she helped us break down and understand the reasons for our issues, allowing us to alter our behaviour and rebuild our relationship. Our marriage has been transformed... we have grown closer, have a stronger understanding and appreciation of each other, and the fun factor of our relationship has returned. Thank you Florence for helping us find each other again."

“I used to think counselling was valuable for other people, but not something I would ever need. Five years into my second marriage, my husband and I were struggling with our relationship and the challenges of step-children. Luckily for us, our eventual frustration led us to Florence. From that first meeting, I felt a sense of confidence in her and in the process of counselling. Through Florence, we learnt to listen to each other, be honest about ourselves and find compromises. It’s hard to talk honestly about difficult feelings, but Florence always made it feel safe. I enjoyed her sense of humour and her direct, no messing approach. I have learnt so much from Florence about relationships, parenting and myself. I will always be grateful for her insight, wisdom and kindness – for me, it has been life-changing.”

Individual Counselling

"I was given Florence's details by a friend in the medical profession, no higher recommendation in my view. I was at the lowest point in my life, hanging by a thread and could see no light at the end of the tunnel .Within days, I was consulting with Florence, starting the hardest but most fruitful journey of my life. Slowly and gently, she started to unpack the baggage that I had been carrying for decades. 18 months later, I am happy and honestly, don't think I have been truly happy until now. That is only due to Florence and her continued work. She is thorough, compassionate and challenging but above all, totally dedicated. Florence picked me up when I wanted to stay down. I am now ready to embark on the next chapter of my life equipped with the tools Florence has given to me. Finally, I like myself and my life. After the rain, the rainbow has arrived, thanks to Florence."

Bereavement Counselling

"I would like to thank Nightingale very much for the kindness and understanding afforded to me during my recent times with them. I would especially like to thank my bereavement counsellor for his patience, kindness, help and understanding given to me during my sessions with him. Like a lot of people I did not know what to expect when first arranging to meet with him but my sessions have provided me with understanding confidence and strength to go forward with my life following the death of my dear wife. Should the situation ever arise I would have no hesitation in recommending Nightingales to any family, friends or colleagues."

Young Adult Counselling

"I am a 14 year old boy. I found my time with Nightingale’s young adult counsellor really helpful and productive. She was very easy to talk to, patient and happy to talk about whatever I wanted. She offered different perspectives which helped me understand the roots of the problem that I was facing. She gave me lots of support and useful suggestions. I also found the experience very interesting."

CBT Therapy

"I was introduced to one of Nightingale’s CBT counsellors. My constant anxious state had lead to many physical problems, including chronic fatigue. I really enjoyed working with her and after every session I would leave feeling energised, inspired and positive. She provides you with the tools to help you address your concerns. Her compassionate and non-judgemental approach coupled with her great sense of humour makes her a fantastic teacher. I learnt so much from her in such a short space of time and I can honestly say that after one session, I had begun to think differently about my situation. "If you are flexible in your thinking, no problem is insurmountable". I will never forget this gem, amongst many others within Nightingale. She is so 'on it' and smart, but in a very unassuming way. I looked forward to every session and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Psychosexual Counselling

"Florence and her team have provided me with invaluable professional assistance and guidance in getting my life back on track after a very acrimonious divorce. I needed to re-establish confidence and focus on the positives while dealing with various issues (emotional and sexual) which I had allowed to get in the way of being happy. The benefit of having Florence`s expert help and advice combined with a sympathetic listening ear cannot be overstated and I would recommend Florence to anyone finding life and relationships in a difficult place. The psychosexual counsellor worked with me to overcome my sexual issues and identify where they were coming from. Breaking negative patterns and re-establishing better ones allowed me to reconnect to a healthy loving relationship."

Employee Counselling

"We have worked with Nightingale Employee Counselling service for three years and have found it to be an invaluable pro-active service that works in partnership with our organisation. Nightingale has successfully worked with employees from various areas within our organisation and has helped staff with varying personal and work related issues. From positive feedback received from our employees, we would be confident to recommend Nightingale as a professional expert employee counselling service to any prospective client."


"I found my sessions with Nightingales Counselling Psychologist incredibly helpful. Although she is kind and friendly she has a very pragmatic approach that helped me get to the source of the problem quickly. Her analysis of where I was and how I might change the situation was very intelligent and insightful but she explained it in a way that was easy to understand. Her working method appealed to me because I took away tools that I could use to understand and sort things out for myself."


"It has been a fantastic experience working with Florence. My life, both professionally and personally, has transformed through her powerful coaching. She is my ‘life coach’ and has a superb ability to guide you to solutions in your everyday experiences. Florence helped me understand the importance of valuing myself. The results in my work and relationships have been quite amazing. I continue to enjoy my own self-development, whilst working with her. She has helped add a new dimension to my own golf coaching, the power of psychology. This has allowed me to successfully influence my clientele."

Personal Development Workshop

“I found the training to be enlightening, especially in group session, as it helped me understand how others struggle with problems similar to mine and there are ways to overcome them. I found the discussions good too as it reinforced to me that I am not alone with feelings/thoughts that I have.”

“I found Florence to be an engaging and inspirational trainer and would thoroughly recommend the course."

“I’ve attended Nightingale workshops on building confidence and self- esteem, and have felt a real change in myself. I still don’t have everything I want, but I’m finding the means to achieve it.”

Introduction to Counselling Workshop

“Florence provided a detailed insight into counselling as a profession, highlighting the necessary skills, various models of counselling and providing a route-map to becoming qualified. Florence engaged everyone with her depth of factual knowledge, challenging questions, relevant examples and, not least, great humour to make the workshop an informative and fun experience.”

Individual Counselling

"I went to Florence at what I hope will be the lowest point of my life. I was scared, confused and sceptical that I could find a way through. As soon as we met I knew I'd gone to the right person. Florence has an incredible ability to guide and challenge you. Gently pushing with honesty, compassion, warmth, sensitivity and humour to confront fears, accept truths and regrets, and gain clarity.

Together we untangled complex emotions and behaviours, enabling me to build an understanding of myself and others I could never have achieved by myself. If the cost puts you off, don't let it. Florence enabled a journey of self-discovery, it was an investment in me - she's worth every penny.

I now know that whatever life throws at me I have the self-awareness to get through it - the storm will pass. Life is good."

Many more testimonials available on request.

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"It’s hard to talk honestly about difficult feelings, but Florence always made it feel safe. I enjoyed her sense of humour and her direct, no messing approach. I have learnt so much from Florence about relationships, parenting and myself. I will always be grateful for her insight, wisdom and kindness – for me, it has been life-changing."

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