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What is Counselling

We all need someone to talk to, someone who will really listen to everything we have to say. When things get a little too much, we all need someone to turn to. A counsellor is a trained to listen, not to judge or blame, and to build a strong relationship with each client, based on trust, empathy, honesty and respect.

Counselling is designed to give you the space and freedom to explore and understand the range of emotions and challenges that you are experiencing. Through listening and reflective questioning, counsellors can help clients tune into their emotional self, without interruption or intervention of advice, and communicate freely with no fear of judgement.

The aim of counselling is to establish a process through which the counsellor helps you to:

• Express your true feelings

• Understand your situation more objectively

• Break negative patterns of behaviour often learned from others in your past

• Change negative behavioural attitudes, patterns and cycles

• Make better informed decisions from the choices available to you

• Build confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem

Effective counselling is all about movement. The objective is to move from where you are now to a better place. The counselling process should enable you to do just that.

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We aim to ensure that every client feels safe in the knowledge that they have found a professional organisation that understands the challenges and concerns they face when they decide to seek assistance. When you contact Nightingale we will respond immediately to all enquiries and can guarantee an appointment within 48 hours. Contact us on 0141 353 9373, Email us or complete our online Enquiry Form.

"I was given Florence's details by a friend in the medical profession, no higher recommendation in my view. I was at the lowest point in my life, hanging by a thread and could see no light at the end of the tunnel .Within days; I was consulting with Florence, starting the hardest but most fruitful journey of my life. Slowly and gently, she started to unpack the baggage that I had been carrying for decades. 18 months later, I am happy and honestly, don't think I have been truly happy until now. That is only due to Florence and her continued work. She is thorough, compassionate and challenging but above all, totally dedicated. Florence picked me up when I wanted to stay down. I am now ready to embark on the next chapter of my life equipped with the tools Florence has given to me. Finally, I like myself and my life. After the rain, the rainbow has arrived, thanks to Florence."

Our Counselling Fees:

Individual Sessions £60

Couple Sessions £70

We accept card payments.

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