Make it happen!

Make it happen this New Year! If you have managed to get a little down time over the festive season, you may have shaped some goals for 2019. So before you return to work, open your emails, arrange your meetings in your diary and make up your to-do lists… Sit down for half an hour with a coffee and commit [...]

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Understanding Conflict

Conflict is normal in relationships but it's how we react to it and manage it that matters. Understanding Conflict is a huge part of this process. “Oh, I don’t like conflict.” “I avoid it at all costs.” “Anything for a quiet life.” For the person making these statements, there is a fear that conflict means anger, raised voices, relationships damaged [...]

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Divorce… What about the children?

Unpleasant negative feelings emerge in response to situations of conflict. When couples are in conflict it is not only destructive to them personally, it is unpleasant for the others around them, especially their children. Divorce may be decided if conflict cannot be resolved, for others there may be no conflict just a feeling they are no longer in love with [...]

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