Counselling for Counsellors

Building self awareness, increasing emotional intelligence, and making sure someone is there to support you!

Counselling for Counsellors

Building self awareness, increasing emotional intelligence, and making sure someone is there to support you!

Our ‘Counselling for Counsellors’ service aims to address the needs of our fellow counsellors. If you are in training or working with clients, sometimes you can find you are taken back to a place of discomfort for you personally. Sometimes it can be beneficial for you and your clients if you work on your own situation and either seek a conclusion to an issue or move to a better place.  The counsellors at Nightingale Counselling are very experienced and very comfortable working with other counsellors. The job we do can be difficult and emotionally exhausting, so as part of your self-care, listen to what you need. On some occasions, family and life situations crop up and you need the support of counselling.

The objective of personal counselling is to:

  • Help you remain centred
  • Ensure you are dealing with personal issues and not carrying negative feelings
  • Dealing with unresolved personal issues
  • Provide opportunities to build self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence
  • Offer new techniques

Supervision for Counsellors

All counsellors, regardless of experience, need supervision. Supervision is essential to ensure high standards of professional practice and to protect clients by involving an impartial third party.

The role of the supervisor:

  • Facilitate the practitioner to monitor and review the quality of their work as their client’s progress
  • Provide opportunities for the counsellor to reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, behaviour, and general approach
  • If you feel stuck with work we can often give you a strategy to move forward.
  • Offers insights from the perspective of another therapist
  • Decrease isolation through a process of shared responsibility


If you work with Nightingale Counselling clients, Florence, our Founder and Managing Director, who has 22 years of experience and is a leading authority in couple counselling, personal development and coaching, offers you mentoring. We will speak on a regular basis about your client work, building structures, continuous professional development, shared materials, worksheets and directed reading. Florence is also there to support and help with many aspects of the profession and encourage you to take care of yourself. None of the work we do in mentoring is counselling or supervision.

More information about Counselling for Counsellors

For more information about our Counselling for Counsellors, service either call us on 0141 353 9373 or use the form on our Contact Page.

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