Parenting Rescue

Our Parenting Rescue service gives you and your child the tools you need for future life.

Parenting Rescue

Our Parenting Rescue service gives you and your child the tools you need for future life.

Parenting Rescue (ONLINE SERVICE)

As well as bringing us joy, children can pose a challenge that can leave parents feeling exhausted, exasperated, and desperate. Every parent works towards the same goal – to help nurture a child into a balanced, happy, loving young adult who is ready and equipped to take on the challenges of living and thriving in our complex, modern world. That’s all you need to do. Easy, right? Not on your life… but our Parenting Rescue service can help.

From the cradle to the first day of school and the transition into high school can bring challenges to parents on a regular basis

Parenting consultancy session is £75 a session which lasts just under an hour and can include both parents.

Our Parenting Rescue service isn’t counselling. The aim of our Parenting Rescue service to give you space to talk about the challenges you are facing and then the counsellor will use her expertise in this area to help you to find the best route forward. Unfortunately, there is no ”one size fits all” approach, but there is always something that can be done to make things better and families happier and calmer. By having this space to talk, our clients can really put things into perspective and give them clarity over a situation. Our counsellor’s knowledge is invaluable as the service often provides clients with that missing piece of information that suddenly makes things clearer. We call it the ‘Aha moment’

Wellness for Children (ONLINE SERVICE)

This is a unique service for children our aim with this work is to change the way they think about mental health. Therapy can be life-changing and lifesaving but why wait until things get so bad that children need therapy? Prevention is better than treatment. By encouraging conversation, talking about emotional wellbeing, and teaching them some tools to manage stress better, we can help prevent mental health issues and change children’s lives without the need for a therapy room.

The counsellor will teach them meditation and mindfulness. She will also teach them therapeutic writing and the connection between body and mind.  During the sessions the counsellor will talk with them about depression, eating disorders, sexuality and so much more. One of the most important things we will do is to help lift the stigma around mental health. If parents place their trust in me, and the project, they will never regret it. Their children will love taking part and reap the rewards of this fantastic project. What you can expect from ‘Wellness for Children.

What you can expect from ‘Wellness for Children’

For children and young people (aged 10 and over), on a monthly subscription basis. Two Zoom classes per week:

  • One Mental Health education session (60 minutes) – TUESDAY EVENING 5pm
  • One Fun Fitness session (30 minutes) – SATURDAY MORNING 9,30am
  • £105 per month for 6 hours of contact time, 1.5 hours weekly contact.

If your young adult, from 13 onwards, needs personal one-to-one counselling, please check out our young adult counselling page.

More information about our Parenting Rescue service

For more information about our Parenting Rescue service please call us on 0141 353 9373 or use the form on our Contact Page.

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