Young people are encountering more and more pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, self-harm, and depression. All of these conditions are on the rise. Something must be done, and I believe I know what it is. I am a psychotherapist and a former childcare professional and I have created a new ‘Wellness for Children’ project. I am on a mission to help our children be healthier and happier and to have better mental health.

It’s vitally important that we don’t wait until it’s too late. Let’s change the way we think about mental health. Therapy can be life-changing and lifesaving but why wait until things get so bad that children need therapy? Prevention is better than treatment. By encouraging conversation, talking about emotional wellbeing, and by teaching them some tools to manage stress better, I can help prevent mental health issues and change children’s lives without the need for a therapy room.

I will teach them meditation and mindfulness. I will also teach them therapeutic writing and the connection between body and mind. I will talk with them about depression, eating disorders, sexuality and so much more. One of the most important things we will do is to help lift the stigma around mental health.

If parents place their trust in me, and the project, they will never regret it. Their children will love taking part and reap the rewards of this fantastic project.

What you can expect from ‘Wellness for Children’

  • For children and young people (aged 10 and over)
  • On a monthly subscription basis
  • Two zoom classes per week
  • One Mental health education session 50 minutes TUESDAY EVENING 5pm
  • One Fun Fitness sessions 30 minutes SATURDAY MORNING 9,30am
  • £105 per month for 6 hours of contact time
  • 1.5 hours weekly contact
  • The first week is always free
  • Discounts for siblings


Structure of the Sessions

In the mental health sessions, we talk about feelings, how to recognise them and manage them in a healthy way. We will do this by becoming more self-aware and by carrying out self-reflection.

We will learn about journaling and therapeutic writing and also learn about meditation and the connection between body and mind. We talk about mental health issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders etc, and how we can recognise them and get help if they affect our lives.

All this is done in a group, with the session taking place on Zoom. It won’t be a ‘stuffy’ lecture. It’s led by me and it’s very interactive and conversational. Everyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. Children who participate in these sessions can share experiences or ask questions. These sessions enable the participants to see things from different perspectives, and it is also a fun way to learn about mental health.

I absolutely love sports and I believe there are huge mental health benefits to be gained from taking part in sport. The fitness session is an opportunity for the children to move their bodies, raise their heart rate, try some yoga and meditation, and see the benefits that exercise can have on their minds. We start each session with some HIIT exercise, then do some yoga and stretches and always finish with meditation! We also talk about different sports and encourage children to try new things. Even if your children do nothing else except the exercise section of the session, by subscribing to our program, they will get at least 4 fitness sessions a month!


Benefits from ‘Wellness for Children’

I believe that a lot of the issues that young people have today could be prevented if they have a better understanding of themselves and their mental health. My mission is to help them develop their emotional intelligence and to help them become more resilient, more empathic, and positive in life. By teaching them meditation and therapeutic writing, I believe I am giving them the tools to deal with everyday stress more effectively. We aim to help children to become calmer, more motivated, more productive, and more self-aware.

By being able to talk about mental health issues, and how to recognise them and seek help, enables us to lift the stigma that surrounds mental health. By being better informed about mental health issues we will enable our children to make positive life choices and be more aware of issues and challenges that other people may be facing. My tips on anger management and stress management will benefit the child and their whole family.

Contact us today!

If you feel that your child/children could benefit from our expert help and in particular our ‘Wellness for Children’ project, please get in touch with me by contacting Nightingale Counselling today. Either use our Contact Page or call us on 0141 353 9373

Dafina Ganeva

Online Individual Counsellor
Nightingale Counselling Consultancy