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Grief is a journey

Grief is not something that can be simply overcome; instead, it is a journey that we must learn to navigate. It’s a journey that we don’t want to take, but it’s a necessary one for healing. In the early stages of grief, it may feel like change is impossible. However, deep sadness and pain are all integral parts of the [...]

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Counselling for young adults

Many young adults find it difficult to understand their feelings and emotions. They may feel frustrated and confused with adults, teachers, parents, and siblings and they can often feel that no one understands them. Parents often say, “I have no idea what is going on in their life. Anytime I ask a question, they take my head off and [...]

By |2021-08-16T11:00:47+00:00June 17th, 2021|

Parental Conflict… the impact on children

When parents get on well together their children do better. However, we know that every relationship has its ups and downs and it’s not always plain sailing. Relationship difficulties, including parental conflict, have become even more common in the past year due to the pandemic and all the stress and changes in routine that we have all had to adapt [...]

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Wellness for children

Young people are encountering more and more pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, self-harm, and depression. All of these conditions are on the rise. Something must be done, and I believe I know what it is. I am a psychotherapist and a former childcare professional and I have created a new ‘Wellness for Children’ project. I am on a mission to [...]

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Parenting, it’s not an easy job!

Parenting is a lifelong journey, that’s for sure. Sometimes on the journey your children break your heart, fill you with overwhelming love, and just sometimes bring you to the point of despair – all in the same day! As well as bringing us joy, children can pose a challenge that can leave parents feeling exhausted, exasperated, and desperate. Every parent [...]

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Our reactions to stress

We all experience some difficult situations in our lives that get us out of our comfort zone. Those situations that challenge our sense of self or make us feel out of control. The reaction our body and mind have to those situations or events, the pressure they make us feel, is called stress. Stress has a very bad reputation, largely [...]

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