Many young adults find it difficult to understand their feelings and emotions. They may feel frustrated and confused with adults, teachers, parents, and siblings and they can often feel that no one understands them.

Parents often say, “I have no idea what is going on in their life. Anytime I ask a question, they take my head off and accuse me of not listening, not understanding and being nosey. If I ask where they are going, or what time they will be home, I get a look that says you are driving me mad.” Don’t worry, by the law of averages they will return to you as they mature and figure out we are all flawed and we’re all dealing with our own issues. Our children are far from perfect but we love every bone in their body, unconditionally. As a parent, you might not always get it right, but you will be trying your best.

Leaving childhood behind

As our children grow into young adults, we really start to see them coming into their own. They form their own opinions, they often oppose you and they generally change as they leave their childhood behind and enter the adult world of responsibility and accountability. This can be an exciting time for them while having fun and experimenting with many aspects of adult life.

On the other hand, sometimes, this time of change can be very scary for the young person. They may feel very alone and isolated as they sometimes feel they have nobody around to listen to them and understand their challenges. Parents can often feel so worried and confused. “I only make things worse, nothing I say is right.” This is perhaps nature’s way of allowing our children to become independent from parents to allow them to separate.

Dafina has a warmth that makes you feel comfortable in the sessions, encouraging you to lead them in whatever direction you want to, but can gently challenge you to tackle difficult things. She gives useful insight and has changed how I view my life. 

Age 17

Understanding the behaviours of young adults

The service Nightingale Counselling offers young adults is unique because we will generally have a few sessions with the parent, or parents, in an advisory role so the young adult feels supported through the process. This approach also ensures that the parents are better placed to understand the behaviours of the young person, and perhaps the changes they need to make to help to effect change.

During these sessions you will get to know the counsellor who will be working with the young adult. We want you to be happy that they are a good fit and that they can successfully engage with the young person in a counselling process.

Counselling helps young adults to discuss their personal experiences leading to better self-awareness and emotional wellbeing. It is vitally important that young adults talk to someone who is experienced with this age group, just like our highly trained counsellors at Nightingale Counselling. Some young adults are affected by poor mental health and need patience and sensitive work in order to build resilience and develop new coping skills. It will also help them make better sense of relationships, manage change and explore and give voice to difficulties arising from varying life experiences.


  Young Adults

  Some of the issues we work with young adults on include:

  • Bereavement and loss
  • Parent’s illness
  • Self-harm, suicidal thoughts
  • Separated parents, stepfamilies
  • Violence, bullying, anti-social behaviour
  • School issues, exam stress
  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Sleep disturbance, low mood
  • Self-esteem, confidence building
  • Anger Management, gangs
  • Substance abuse, alcohol and drug abuse
  • Eating disorders, sexual identity, teenage pregnancy
I found the sessions very useful and I feel more confident and secure in myself since starting. I found you really easy to talk to friendly, and I felt really comfortable during the sessions. thank you very much.

Age 15

Work with highly trained counsellors

The counsellors and psychologists who work with young adults at Nightingale Counselling have the experience, know-how, and ability to connect and build trust quickly. This is essential when encouraging a young person to open emotionally, often for the first time, to an adult. Many young people feel vulnerable, especially if they are having difficulties with adults, including parents.

This is a very specialised area of therapy as it takes a different approach to adult therapy. The therapists work with young adults, aged 13 onwards, and use a variety of techniques and counselling models. We want to ensure that the young adult feels safe to engage and express their emotions and concerns without judgment.

If you know a young person who could benefit from speaking to one of our counsellors, then get in touch. Contact the Nightingale Counselling team on 0141 353 9373 or use the form on our Contact Page.

Dafina Ganeva

Online young adult counsellor
Nightingale Counselling Consultancy

Dafina has such a friendly and calming personality that I felt immediately at ease when first talking to her.
Her level of understanding and compassion made opening up so easy and every session was cathartic. Dafina let me explore my emotions while asking tough questions to help me make sense of everything.