Grief is not something that can be simply overcome; instead, it is a journey that we must learn to navigate. It’s a journey that we don’t want to take, but it’s a necessary one for healing.

In the early stages of grief, it may feel like change is impossible. However, deep sadness and pain are all integral parts of the grieving process and our journey through it. By acknowledging and embracing these emotions, we can find ways to ease our grief, gain a better understanding of it, and learn how to carry it. This allows us to experience moments of joy whilst honouring the memory of our loved ones and finding a new place for them in our hearts.

Expressing grief

When we are grieving, the most important thing we need is a safe space to talk, express our sadness and pain. We need someone to listen, to let us say their name, and tell their story. This space can be provided through therapy. A qualified bereavement therapist can be a valuable guide during this difficult time, offering support through the complex range of emotions and moments of despair. It’s crucial not to suffer alone or suffer in silence.

Learning to live with loss

Although it may seem unimaginable, it is possible to move forward with our lives after experiencing loss, learning to live with it, and finding joy again. We may not experience joy every day, and we will never forget the pain or the person we have lost, but we can learn to remember and honour the good times shared.

Diminishing intensity of grief

In the beginning of our grief journey, it may feel like there is no respite from the intense sadness and hurt. But with time and processing our feelings, the gaps between these painful moments will widen, and the intensity of the pain will diminish. In these spaces, we will find the ability to live our lives once again.

“Our love for you will stay forever and our gratitude for how we were loved brings comfort when we miss you the most.”

If you want someone to talk to…

When a bereavement happens, we can be overwhelmed with a range of emotions. The most important thing to give yourself is time. Give yourself time to process what has happened and overcome the initial shock, and when you’re ready, bereavement counselling can really help. If you want to find out about our bereavement counselling service call us on 0141 353 9373 or use the contact form on our Contact page.

Dafina Ganeva

Nightingale Counsellor, Therapist, Couple Counsellor and Parenting Consultant