Nightingale Counselling Consultancy


An Introduction to Counselling Workshop

24th November 2018

Many people have an interest in counselling.  Whether you want to work with clients or use the skills in your workplace, the outcome is the same. You will learn to develop a deeper level of communication with others. HR managers, teachers, training consultants, mentors, guidance and support workers, management, lawyers, and general practitioners would all benefit from learning to use counselling skills. The core skills of counselling are very different to talking to a loved one or a friend.

The workshop Nightingale offers runs over one day from 10am to 4pm. By the end of the day you will have an understanding of:-

  • What is counselling? The relationship and the benefits of counselling
  • The 3 core skills underpinning every counselling relationship
  • Different models of counselling and how best to use them
  • The best way to use the skills in another profession
  • Personal development plan of action.

The day follows a structure, however every group finds their own way of working and the atmosphere is relaxed and always very warm.

The benefit of the workshop is that you get a real insight into counselling, how it works and how the skills of counselling can be transferred into the workplace.

If you would like to plan a route to studying counselling as a profession, then please let me know and the information on where to train will be advised. Many people become counsellors on a part time basis and still retain their current employment.

Counselling Workshop Client Evaluation

 Florence provided a detailed insight into counselling as a profession, highlighting the necessary skills, various models of counselling and providing a route-map to becoming qualified or using the skills of counselling. Florence engaged everyone with her depth of factual knowledge, challenging questions, relevant examples and, not least, great humour to make the workshop an informative and fun experience.

If the workshop is of interest to you, please reply to me by email and I will send you a  booking form.