Our Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in counselling. When you work with Nightingale Counselling you’re in safe hands!

Our Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in counselling. When you work with Nightingale Counselling you’re in safe hands!

All of our associate counsellors and psychologists are handpicked and supervised by our senior counselling consultant and founder, Florence Gray, and are all highly qualified and experienced in their field of expertise.

With over 20 years of experience, Florence is a leading authority in marriage, couple and relationship counselling. After having been selected in 1999 to train in couple counselling with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of Relate, Florence has helped countless couples resolve their differences and re-establish an emotional connection. Florence also has expertise working with individuals, senior management and business owners in counselling, mediation, personal development, coaching and consultancy and continues to work with a small group of clients in Glasgow and Harley Street London, while continuing to manage the Nightingale Counselling Consultancy practice.

Florence and her team have provided me with invaluable professional assistance and guidance in getting my life back on track after a very acrimonious divorce. I needed to re-establish confidence and focus on the positives while dealing with various issues (emotional and sexual) which I had allowed to get in the way of being happy. The benefit of having Florence`s expert help and advice combined with a sympathetic listening ear cannot be overstated and I would recommend Florence to anyone finding life and relationships in a difficult place. The psychosexual counsellor worked with me to overcome my sexual issues and identify where they were coming from. Breaking negative patterns and re-establishing better ones allowed me to reconnect to a healthy loving relationship.

Psychosexual Counselling

We have grown considerably over the years, through the success of our clients’ counselling experiences and we continually strive to ensure that each and every client receives the best support available.

Nightingale is located in a beautifully maintained building overlooking Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, with ample on-street parking and public transport links nearby. Nightingale Counselling Consultancy is a centre of excellence for counsellors and therapeutic practices.

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