With Christmas approaching again Christmas shopping is yet again at the forefront of most people’s minds!

Yes, really, this is the time to start to plan what you are buying the lady in your life. I wrote this guide for the men who need a helping hand to feel good and confident about giving their partner gifts on Xmas day. I often hear from women saying,  “why can he not just take a little time to find out what I might like for Xmas? I am always so disappointed and always feel he does not care enough to make the effort!” Then, of course, men will say, “I don’t know what to buy, you always take it back anyway. I thought you liked to get something practical like a new set of pots. What’s the problem?”  As a couple counsellor I always feel so sorry for both. A few days before Xmas or indeed Xmas eve I have witnessed men in department stores with that look of desperation.  “Will she like it? Will she be disappointed again? I need to make sure I get a gift receipt as it usually goes back!”

So I have decided to give men a helping hand…

Enter into a gentle conversation NOW and find out the facts. Do not ask what she wants for Xmas, as generally,  all the lady in your life wants is a surprise or something you have heard her mention in the past that you picked up on. Sometimes you might want a list and you can choose from the list.

Rule of thumb: One big one and a smaller one;  two even smaller ones;  one Xmas decoration and a nice card.  Don’t forget the card!

  • Have a look at what your partner usually wears, what colour is it?
  • Winter clothing – does she wear scarves, gloves, hats?
  • What type of handbag does she use? Does she have a nice bag for going out?
  • Does she wear jewellery, does she have pieced ears?
  • What does she like to wear to bed? Does she wear slippers?
  • What size of shoe does she wear?
  • What size of underwear does she wear? Check the labels for the size on her existing underwear.
  • What kind of chocolate does she like to eat?
  • What kind of music does she like? Who are her favourite artists?
  • What type of books does she read?
  • Cookery book always nice to get if she likes to cook
  • Would she like a voucher for a massage or afternoon tea?
  • Would she like an iPad? Does she need a new phone?
  • What fragrance does she like? Do they have body lotion or soap to match?
  • Does she love flowers?
  • Perhaps she would like a weekend away
  • What about a nice decoration for your Xmas tree – Monsoon, Frasers


So, what you want to look at is getting one main present (the most expensive one)

  • Boots. Not just black, something a little different. Ankle boots are very popular at the moment with fur along the top.  Try department stores like Russell and Bromley , Jones in Buchanan St or Buchanan galleries.
  • Jewellery. Start with a charm bracelet from Thomas Sobo or Pandora. The earrings are nice in here too. A watch. Not a sensible, every-day watch, something different like Armani, Vivienne Westwood or Biba at Frasers.
  • Ted Baker have good bags and purses and Michael Kors accessories are popular at the moment too.
  • iPad, phone

The Second present

  • Perfume – perfume shop, department store try and get a set
  • Scarf and gloves accessories are a good choice
  • Pyjamas, housecoat, slippers
  • Voucher

Third present – two from this list

  • Chocolates – great place in Buchanan Galleries
  • CD – DVD
  • Book
  • Purse
  • Xmas decoration for the tree
  • Mistletoe is always a nice touch
  • Xmas ornament. There are nice shops in the West-end area.

Fourth present

  • Something funny
  • Frivolous, playful
  • Small


  • Xmas card. Please do not forget the card!
  • Good wrapping paper and bows

If you need help to wrap, choose a person to do this for you. If the item is large or awkward to wrap, get a nice Xmas bag.