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Improving Your Assertiveness

Couples often present for couple counselling with an issue around communication. We work with them to change the negative patterns, break bad habits and help to understand with empathy. We also help them to listen to what each other are saying. However, an issue we see time and again is that one or other in the relationship has real difficulty [...]

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Make it happen!

Make it happen this New Year! If you have managed to get a little down time over the festive season, you may have shaped some goals for 2019. So before you return to work, open your emails, arrange your meetings in your diary and make up your to-do lists… Sit down for half an hour with a coffee and commit [...]

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Charity Donation to Woman’s Aid Charity Project

Our Christmas charity donation appeal. Thank you to all the clients who donated to our charity project for Woman’s Aid. It was my absolute pleasure to deliver the parcels to Woman’s Aid in Airdrie and Kirkintilloch! A special thank you to Santa’s little helpers who put the contents of the boxes together and wrapped them up. Merry Christmas to you [...]

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Introduction to Counselling Workshop

Nightingale Counselling Consultancy Presents An Introduction to Counselling Workshop 24th November 2018 Many people have an interest in counselling.  Whether you want to work with clients or use the skills in your workplace, the outcome is the same. You will learn to develop a deeper level of communication with others. HR managers, teachers, training consultants, mentors, guidance and support workers, [...]

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Understanding Conflict

Conflict. “Oh, I don’t like conflict.” “I avoid it at all costs.” “Anything for a quiet life.” For the person making these statements, there is a fear that conflict means anger, raised voices, relationships damaged forever and in some cases, even violence. So, there is no wonder they are never truthful about how they feel or about what they want. [...]

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Divorce… What about the children?

Unpleasant negative feelings emerge in response to situations of conflict. When couples are in conflict it is not only destructive to them personally, it is unpleasant for the others around them, especially their children. Divorce may be decided if conflict cannot be resolved, for others there may be no conflict just a feeling they are no longer in love with [...]

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Bereavement Counselling

We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails For most of us, bereavement will be the most psychologically distressing experience we will ever face. The loss of a loved one can start one of life’s most painful and difficult journeys. We can be left with an overwhelming sense of sadness, hopelessness and, indeed, helplessness. [...]

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Different Models of Counselling

It is really important for clients to see that different models of counselling are needed for different issues. If your counselling experience has been negative it maybe because your were not working with the appropriate counselling model or counsellor. Our Mission To ensure that prospective clients are properly assessed and aligned to the most effective and appropriate counselling model that [...]

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How to choose a Couple Counsellor

When engaging the services of a Marriage / Relationship / Couple Counsellor, it is vitally important to feel secure in the knowledge that the Couple Counsellor has their roots, training and experience working with Couples. Engaging in Couple Counselling with an unqualified Couple Counsellor can be counterproductive and can often leave clients feeling disillusioned, frustrated and confused. For these reasons, [...]

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