Grief is a journey

Grief is not something that can be simply overcome; instead, it is a journey that we must learn to navigate. It’s a journey that we don’t want to take, but it’s a necessary one for healing. In the early stages of grief, it may feel like change is impossible. However, deep sadness and pain are all integral parts of the [...]

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Dealing with Anxiety

One of the most common things that can affect our mental health is anxiety. It’s an emotion that we all experience from time to time, but it can start to spiral out of control and have a negative impact on our everyday life. It’s little comfort to know that it affects millions of us each day, worldwide, with many people [...]

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HELP! – The Menopause Madness

During the menopause, you can face so many challenges as you navigate your way through this transitional period in your life. You may find that you are irritable, have a low mood, lose your self-esteem, notice body changes, experience brain fog, suffer from a loss of libido, feel invisible and of course, hot flushes and night sweats ... oh, what [...]

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The Narcissistic Relationship Journey

Being in a relationship that's full of love and positivity can be the greatest feeling in the world. However, if your partner exhibits narcissistic personality disorder, it can really take a toll on you and your relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist, then the relationship can usually be broken down into stages. This [...]

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Reclaiming self-esteem

The quality of the relationship that you have with yourself will determine the quality of every relationship you have in your life. “Each of us is endowed with the innate resources that enable us to achieve all we have ever dreamed of. However, if your self-esteem is low, you will never feel you deserve it.” Can I really reclaim [...]

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The steps you can take to manage anxiety

A lot has changed in the past few years. Along with a global pandemic, and Greggs making their sausage rolls vegan, we are also starting to become a bit more open with our mental health. Naomi Osaka made headlines around the world when she became the first player ever to withdraw from a tournament due to mental health concerns, and [...]

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Counselling for young adults

Many young adults find it difficult to understand their feelings and emotions. They may feel frustrated and confused with adults, teachers, parents, and siblings and they can often feel that no one understands them. Parents often say, “I have no idea what is going on in their life. Anytime I ask a question, they take my head off and [...]

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Addiction is a disease

The following article was written by someone who has suffered with addiction. The person is 31 years old, and at the time of writing, is celebrating 50 days of sobriety. “The perception of addiction has long existed as being an affliction of the morally deficient, the self-inflicted lifestyle of the depraved, people too weak or unwilling to help themselves. This [...]

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Depression Myth Busters

It’s mental health awareness week so let’s focus on one of the most common illnesses out there, depression. Considering 1 in 4 of us living in the UK will be affected by depression at some point in our lives, we should be clear on what’s fact and what’s fiction, right? However, it seems depression still comes with an alarming level [...]

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Wellness for children

Young people are encountering more and more pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, self-harm, and depression. All of these conditions are on the rise. Something must be done, and I believe I know what it is. I am a psychotherapist and a former childcare professional and I have created a new ‘Wellness for Children’ project. I am on a mission to [...]

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